Welcome to The Percolator!


“Hi, I’m Tracy Kelly, founder of The Percolator.  I was disheartened and tired of seeing some many of my friends, family and colleagues burn out, spending hours doing a job they no longer enjoyed or investing hours in their business at the expense of their health.  We were designed to thrive not merely survive.

My mission is to see more leaders and entrepreneurs thrive in the modern business world.

Throughout my career, I consistently noticed a lack of dynamic leadership consultancies that treat people as holistic beings. My answer is The Percolator. At The Percolator we deliver programmes which will kick-start your long-term success inside out rather than spoon-feeding short term change. I’m intensely curious about how we can live better, what makes each person tick and I’m excited about harnessing the power of nutrition and wellbeing to enhance leadership performance. Think Brain – Body – Business.

With a BSc in Human Nutrition & Dietetics, a Postgraduate Certificate in Executive and Personal Coaching and many years applying this to real life, I know how to blend the science of nutrition and performance with the art of executive leadership coaching to create a powerful and enjoyable brew to catapult you to a new level of success.

My style is energetic, adventurous, intuitive, challenging and solution-focused and I bring this to my business and I can bring this to yours. I have transformed the clinical division of the largest diabetes charity in Europe and coach senior execs in blue chip companies helping them turbo-boost their performance and build mental and physical resilience.   I believe people can and should be intentional about building a professional life they love and creating a legacy and at The Percolator we’re committed to guiding you to do just that.  Find out more about me here